How to download ?

How to Download

Read this guide to learn how to you can download the hacks.


1. Complete the necessary steps to reach the Download button.


2. Click the Download button and be redirected to the download server. No files are being hosted on this server.

3. Complete a single quick survey to download the file. Usually takes for just 1-3 minutes using valid information.

4. Download will be unlocked and will start automatically after the survey is completed.

5. Enjoy your file!

A survey appears to verify that you are a real human. It is an anti-bot and anti-spam method to protect the number of file downloads. Surveys helps up run the application development and server cost. Treat the surveys as a donation on your part. We coded and programmed the tools for many hours and survey takes only about 1-3 minutes of your time.


Cannot download the file or no survey appearing? Consider these tips:

1. Use a valid new email that you never used before on Survey.

2. Use a legit and not a temporary email.

3. Disable Pop up blockers.

4. Check that your browser accept cookies.

5. Clear browser cookies before starting a survey.

6. Make sure Javascript is enable on your browser.